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Article of the month: Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Dies at 71


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Finca Dos Lados (Farm with Two Sides), is pasture land on the Continental Divide in Costa Rica. Its 700+ acres lie between two National Parks, Juan Castro Blanco to the west and Poas Volcano to the east at the mid-montane level, between 1900 and 2080 meters (between 6234 and 6824 feet). We are growing a new forest of trees native to the area to encourage biodiversity, improve the health of the headwaters and the environment in general.

Finca Dos LadosWe invite you to participate in our Reforestation and Research Project. This includes doing inventories of everything that lives on the property, from butterflies and birds, to winds and waters, planting trees in the rainy season and participating in farm life, all the while perched on a farm that straddles the Continental Divide.

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